Community Partners

The Air Force Association is an independent nonprofit organization that openly and strongly supports the United States Air Force, and the need for air power as a strong factor in our nation’s defense.

AFA is the professional association of the Air Force Community. Civilians and private companies are an integral part of our Air Force and our association. They are the employees, parents, relatives, family members, teachers, guidance counselors and community members who impact the Air Force and the community in which they live. They hold offices, work on committees, and serve at all levels from the top down. They have a unique opportunity to make an investment in the future of young men and women who are interested in joining the military and to be involved with defense and congressional issues in their local community.

By joining AFA as a Community Partner, you are expressing your own concern for a deterrent force sufficient to ensure this nation’s peace and security.

Benefits include:
Subscription to AIR FORCE Magazine - The magazine has a long and colorful history, having been in existence since before there was either an Air Force or an Air Force Association.
Invitations to National symposia with key briefings by Air Force leaders.
AFA Veteran Benefits Association
Discounts on Apple and Dell products
Discounts with other major retailers via and

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